Tuesday, October 21, 2014


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Morning breakfast can be glam with Nespresso

Matching watches with my boyfriend during a fabulous day at the lake...just perfect! 

 Enjoying one of the latest (unluckily) lunches in my garden...I'm amazed by this october! 

 Fast caffelatte and I'm ready to go! 

I can't help myself but love sparkling things! Don't you? 

 Always...believe in your dreams and fight to catch them! 

Organization of my closet...but it's still messy! 

Desk organisation...a real shower of pink and white!

 Fashion books in my closet and new entry...welcome at home baby! 

October flowers (can you believe that?) and fall accessories I'd like to wear every single day! 

Just few minutes before sleep...

When mornings start like this...


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