Monday, July 30, 2012

My life on Instagram

First gift for my birthday from Matteo! I can't open it until 6th of August! :(

Riassunto di queste ultime giornate tramite gli scatti pubblicati su Instagram:
il lavoro per il blog, il relax e tutto quello che fa parte della mia vita di tutti i giorni. 
Seguitemi, sono @VeronicaOtta

Summary of the latest days through the pictures posted on Instagram:
work for the blog, relax, and everything that is part of my life every day.
Follow me, I'm @VeronicaOtta

On my way to the restaurant
My makeup case
At my arm
New amazing shoes
Cantonese rice for dinner
Night in the pool with my baby man
Working for the blog
With Laika
Sun after clouds
Comfy for the day
My pool
I love Valentino!
My Blackberry is finally back at home
My baby Laika is major! 
Part of my garden
Coffee anyone?
My recycled Christian Dior phone case
Have a break! 
Flowers in my home
The Curly Way is everywhere!!! 
New book thanks to Naomi! 
Flowers with amazing colors in my living room!
Mokaccino with whipped cream is my favourite!